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Schneider RE22R2QGMR | Modular timing relay, 8 A, 0.05 s…300 h, 2 CO, star delta, 24…240 V AC/DC


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Schneider RE22R2QGMR | Modular timing relay, 8 A, 0.05 s…300 h, 2 CO, star delta, 24…240 V AC/DC


Welcome to our guide on the Schneider RE22R2QGMR modular timing relay. In this article, we will explore its features, applications, installation process, programming, benefits, comparisons with other relays, maintenance tips, troubleshooting, and provide a conclusion with FAQs.

Understanding RE22R2QGMR

The Schneider RE22R2QGMR is a modular timing relay designed for precise timing control in electrical systems. It is capable of handling currents up to 8 A and time intervals ranging from 0.05 seconds to 300 hours. With 2 CO (changeover) contacts, it offers versatility in switching applications.


  • Precise timing control from milliseconds to hours.
  • 2 CO contacts for flexible switching.
  • Wide voltage range compatibility (24V to 240V AC/DC).
  • Modular design for easy installation and maintenance.


The RE22R2QGMR relay finds applications in various industries such as manufacturing, automation, HVAC systems, and control panels. It is used for sequencing operations, time-delayed switching, and star-delta motor control.


Installing the RE22R2QGMR relay is straightforward. It can be mounted on DIN rails, ensuring secure placement in control cabinets or panels. Proper wiring following the manufacturer’s guidelines is crucial for optimal performance.


Programming the relay involves setting the desired time delays, operating modes, and output configurations. The user-friendly interface allows for easy customization, making it suitable for different control scenarios.


  • Improved control precision.
  • Reduced wiring complexity.
  • Enhanced system reliability.
  • Cost-effective timing solution.


Compared to traditional timing methods, the RE22R2QGMR offers superior accuracy and flexibility. Its modular nature allows for scalability, accommodating changing system requirements without extensive modifications.


Regular maintenance ensures the optimal performance of the relay. Simple checks such as verifying connections, cleaning contacts, and updating firmware if applicable can extend its lifespan and prevent unexpected downtime.


Common issues like incorrect programming or power supply issues can be resolved through systematic troubleshooting steps provided in the user manual. Consulting technical support may be necessary for complex issues.


The Schneider RE22R2QGMR modular timing relay stands out as a reliable solution for precise timing control in diverse applications. Its features, ease of installation, and maintenance make it a preferred choice for professionals seeking efficient control solutions.


  1. What voltage range does the RE22R2QGMR support? The relay is compatible with voltages ranging from 24V to 240V AC/DC.
  2. Can the relay be used for motor control? Yes, it supports star-delta motor control among other applications.
  3. Is programming the relay complicated? No, it features a user-friendly interface for easy programming.
  4. How often should maintenance be performed on the relay? Regular maintenance checks are recommended per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  5. Does the relay come with a warranty? Yes, it typically comes with a standard warranty.
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