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Schneider A9A26927 | auxiliary contact, Acti9, iSD, 1OC, AC/DC

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Schneider A9A26927 | auxiliary contact, Acti9, iSD, 1OC, AC/DC

Schneider A9A26927 Description

Introduction to Schneider A9A26927

Schneider A9A26927 is a versatile and advanced electrical component designed to enhance safety and efficiency in various applications. As part of Schneider Electric’s product lineup, it offers cutting-edge features and robust performance, making it a preferred choice for professionals across different industries.

Specifications and Features

Voltage and Current Ratings

The A9A26927 is engineered to handle a wide range of voltage and current ratings, ensuring compatibility with different electrical systems. With precise specifications, it delivers reliable performance under varying load conditions.

Dimensions and Weight

Measuring compact dimensions and lightweight construction, the A9A26927 is easy to install and integrate into existing setups. Its ergonomic design facilitates hassle-free installation and maintenance procedures.


Compatible with a diverse range of equipment and systems, the A9A26927 offers seamless integration into various applications. Whether in industrial environments or residential settings, it provides dependable operation and consistent performance.

Material and Construction

Constructed from high-quality materials, the A9A26927 boasts durability and longevity. Its robust build ensures protection against environmental factors and mechanical stress, enhancing reliability in demanding conditions.

Installation and Setup

Mounting Options

Featuring flexible mounting options, the A9A26927 can be installed in different orientations to suit specific requirements. Whether mounted on walls or panels, it offers versatility and convenience during installation.

Wiring Instructions

With clear and concise wiring instructions, the installation process of the A9A26927 is straightforward and efficient. Proper wiring ensures optimal performance and minimizes the risk of electrical faults or hazards.

Configuration Process

The A9A26927 incorporates user-friendly configuration options, allowing for easy customization based on application needs. Through intuitive settings and adjustments, users can optimize performance and functionality with ease.

Performance and Efficiency

Response Time

With rapid response times, the A9A26927 ensures prompt detection and action in critical situations. Its high-performance capabilities contribute to enhanced safety and reliability in electrical systems.

Energy Consumption

Designed for optimal energy efficiency, the A9A26927 helps minimize power consumption without compromising performance. By reducing energy waste, it contributes to cost savings and sustainability efforts.


Built to withstand harsh operating conditions, the A9A26927 exhibits exceptional durability and resilience. Its rugged construction and robust components ensure long-term reliability and performance stability.

Applications and Use Cases

Industrial Settings

In industrial environments, the A9A26927 serves various purposes, including power distribution and equipment protection. Its reliable performance and advanced features make it suitable for demanding industrial applications.

Residential Installations

For residential installations, the A9A26927 offers enhanced safety and convenience. From circuit protection to load management, it provides reliable operation and peace of mind for homeowners.

Commercial Applications

In commercial settings such as office buildings or retail establishments, the A9A26927 delivers efficient power management and distribution. Its versatility and reliability make it an ideal choice for diverse commercial applications.

Advantages Over Competitors

Innovative Technology

The A9A26927 incorporates innovative technology and advanced features, setting it apart from competitors. Its cutting-edge design and performance capabilities ensure superior functionality and efficiency.

Reliability and Safety

With a focus on reliability and safety, the A9A26927 prioritizes protection and risk mitigation in electrical systems. Its robust construction and comprehensive safety features provide peace of mind for users.


Despite its advanced capabilities, the A9A26927 offers excellent value for money, making it a cost-effective solution for various applications. Its long-term reliability and low maintenance requirements contribute to overall cost savings.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers praise the A9A26927 for its reliability, performance, and ease of installation. Positive reviews highlight its durability, versatility, and compatibility with different systems, reaffirming its value and effectiveness in real-world applications.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Regular Maintenance Tips

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, regular maintenance of the A9A26927 is recommended. Simple tasks such as cleaning, inspection, and testing help identify potential issues early and prevent downtime.

Common Issues and Solutions

While the A9A26927 is known for its reliability, occasional issues may arise due to various factors. Common issues such as overload conditions or wiring faults can be addressed through troubleshooting steps outlined in the user manual.


In conclusion, the Schneider A9A26927 stands out as a versatile and reliable electrical component suitable for a wide range of applications. With its advanced features, robust performance, and user-friendly design, it offers unmatched value and efficiency in power management and distribution.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is the A9A26927 compatible with other Schneider Electric products?
    • Yes, the A9A26927 is designed to seamlessly integrate with other Schneider Electric products, ensuring compatibility and interoperability.
  2. What is the warranty period for the A9A26927?
    • The warranty period for the A9A26927 varies depending on the region and distributor. Please refer to the product documentation for specific warranty details.
  3. Can the A9A26927 be used in outdoor applications?
    • While the A9A26927 is primarily designed for indoor use, it may be suitable for certain outdoor applications depending on environmental conditions and protection measures.
  4. Does the A9A26927 support remote monitoring and control?
    • Yes, the A9A26927 offers optional features for remote monitoring and control, allowing users to manage electrical systems remotely for added convenience and efficiency.
  5. How can I purchase the A9A26927?

    • The A9A26927 is available through authorized Schneider Electric distributors and retailers. Please contact your local distributor for pricing and availability information
SKU: A9A26927 Category:
range of product Acti9
Product or component type Fault contact
Device short name iSD
Signal contacts composition 1 C/O
[In] rated current DC-12 1 A at 130 V, DC
DC-12 1.5 A at 60 V, DC
DC-12 2 A at 48 V, DC
DC-12 6 A at 24 V, DC
AC-12 3 A at 415 V, AC 50/60 Hz
AC-12 6 A at 240 V, AC 50/60 Hz
9 mm pitches 1
[Ui] rated insulation voltage 500 V
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage 4 kV
local signalling Mechanical indicator
Mounting mode Clip-on
mounting support DIN rail
Comb busbar and distribution block compatibility Top: YES
height 86 mm
Width 9 mm
Depth 73 mm
Net weight 33 g
Colour White
Connections – terminals Screw clamp terminal (bottom) 2 cable(s) 2.5 mm² – rigid
Screw clamp terminal (bottom) 2 cable(s) 1.5 mm² – flexible with ferrule
Screw clamp terminal (bottom) 1 cable(s) 0.5…2.5 mm² – flexible
Screw clamp terminal (bottom) 1 cable(s) 1…4 mm² – rigid
Wire stripping length 10 mm
Tightening torque 1 N.m
Standards EN/IEC 60947-5-1
IP degree of protection IP20 conforming to EN/IEC 60947-5-1
Pollution degree 3 conforming to EN/IEC 60947-5-1
Tropicalisation 2 conforming to EN/IEC 60947-5-1
ambient air temperature for operation -35…70 °C
Ambient air temperature for storage -40…85 °C
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 7.800 cm
Package 1 Width 2.000 cm
Package 1 Length 9.200 cm
Package 1 Weight 40.000 g
Unit Type of Package 2 BB1
Number of Units in Package 2 12
Package 2 Height 8.500 cm
Package 2 Width 10.000 cm
Package 2 Length 27.500 cm
Package 2 Weight 570.000 g
Unit Type of Package 3 S03
Number of Units in Package 3 120
Package 3 Height 30.000 cm
Package 3 Width 30.000 cm
Package 3 Length 40.000 cm
Package 3 Weight 6.373 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty 18 months

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Data Sheet : A9A26927

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