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Schneider ATS01N206QN | Soft starter for asynchronous motor, Altistart 01, ATS01, 6A, 380 to 415V, 1.5 to 3kW


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Schneider ATS01N206QN | Soft starter for asynchronous motor, Altistart 01, ATS01, 6A, 380 to 415V, 1.5 to 3kW

Schneider ATS01N206QN?

The Schneider ATS01N206QN is a compact soft starter designed to manage the startup and shutdown of motors smoothly. This device is part of Schneider Electric’s Altistart 01 range, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface. By reducing the initial surge of current, it minimizes mechanical stress on motors, thus extending their lifespan and improving overall performance.

Key Features of the Schneider ATS01N206QN

Soft Start and Stop

One of the standout features of the Schneider ATS01N206QN is its ability to provide a smooth start and stop for motors. This reduces the mechanical stress and electrical peaks that can cause wear and tear, ensuring your equipment runs efficiently and lasts longer.

Compact Design

The Schneider ATS01N206QN boasts a compact design, making it easy to integrate into various systems. Its small footprint allows for flexible installation, even in tight spaces, without compromising on performance.

User-Friendly Interface

Ease of use is a hallmark of the Schneider ATS01N206QN. The intuitive interface makes it simple to configure and monitor, even for those who may not be technically inclined. Clear indicators and straightforward controls ensure you can set up and operate the device with minimal hassle.

Technical Specifications

Voltage Range

The Schneider ATS01N206QN supports a wide voltage range, accommodating different power systems and ensuring compatibility with various motor types.

Current Rating

With a current rating of 6A, this soft starter is suitable for small to medium-sized motors, making it versatile for numerous applications.

Operational Temperature

Designed to operate in a wide temperature range, the Schneider ATS01N206QN can withstand harsh environments, ensuring reliable performance regardless of conditions.

Protection Features

Safety is paramount, and the Schneider ATS01N206QN includes multiple protection features such as overload protection, phase failure detection, and thermal protection to safeguard your equipment.

Applications of the Schneider ATS01N206QN

Industrial Applications

In industrial settings, the Schneider ATS01N206QN is ideal for controlling conveyor belts, pumps, and fans, where smooth operation is crucial for maintaining productivity and minimizing downtime.

Commercial Applications

For commercial buildings, this soft starter helps manage HVAC systems, elevators, and escalators, enhancing efficiency and reducing maintenance needs.

Residential Uses

Even in residential settings, the Schneider ATS01N206QN can be used to control large appliances and home automation systems, providing reliable performance and extending the lifespan of household devices.

Benefits of Using the Schneider ATS01N206QN

Energy Efficiency

By optimizing motor startup and shutdown, the Schneider ATS01N206QN helps reduce energy consumption, leading to lower operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Extended Equipment Life

Reducing mechanical and electrical stress on motors ensures they last longer, saving you money on replacements and repairs.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With fewer instances of wear and tear, maintenance costs are significantly lowered, allowing for more efficient allocation of resources.

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