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Schneider ATS480C79Y | Soft starter, Altistart 480, 790A, 208 to 690V AC, control supply 110 to 230V AC


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Schneider ATS480C79Y | Soft starter, Altistart 480, 790A, 208 to 690V AC, control supply 110 to 230V AC

Schneider ATS480C79Y Description


Schneider Electric has been a leader in the electrical industry for years, known for their innovative and reliable products. Among their extensive range of solutions, the ATS480C79Y stands out as a crucial component for modern electrical systems. But what exactly makes this ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) model so special?

Understanding ATS480C79Y

What is the ATS480C79Y?

The ATS480C79Y is an advanced automatic transfer switch designed to provide seamless power transition between primary and backup power sources. This ensures that critical systems remain operational even during power outages, which is essential for both commercial and residential applications.

Key Features of ATS480C79Y

The ATS480C79Y boasts several impressive features, including:

  • High Performance: Capable of handling substantial electrical loads without compromising on performance.
  • User-friendly Interface: Intuitive controls and display for easy operation and monitoring.
  • Robust Design: Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure long-term durability.

Technical Specifications

Power Ratings and Capacity

The ATS480C79Y is designed to handle a wide range of power requirements, making it suitable for various applications. It supports multiple power ratings, ensuring flexibility and scalability for different needs.

Voltage and Current Specifications

This model operates efficiently within a specified voltage and current range, providing reliable performance under diverse electrical conditions. It supports standard voltage levels and can manage significant current loads, making it versatile for different settings.

Environmental Tolerances

The ATS480C79Y is built to perform reliably in various environmental conditions. It can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity levels, and other challenging factors, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Design and Build

Physical Dimensions

The ATS480C79Y is designed with compact dimensions, allowing for easy installation in spaces with limited room. Despite its compact size, it does not compromise on performance or functionality.

Material and Durability

Constructed with high-quality materials, the ATS480C79Y ensures long-lasting durability. It is resistant to wear and tear, which is crucial for maintaining reliable operation over time.

Aesthetic and Functional Design

The design of the ATS480C79Y is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Its sleek appearance integrates well into modern setups, while the design also enhances usability and maintenance.

Installation and Setup

Pre-installation Requirements

Before installing the ATS480C79Y, certain prerequisites must be met. These include ensuring the appropriate power setup and confirming space requirements.

Step-by-step Installation Guide

  1. Preparation: Ensure all necessary tools and safety equipment are ready.
  2. Positioning: Install the ATS in a suitable location, ensuring it’s accessible for maintenance.
  3. Wiring: Connect the primary and backup power sources following the detailed wiring diagram.
  4. Testing: Conduct thorough testing to ensure proper functionality before full operation.

Common Installation Challenges and Solutions

Installation can sometimes present challenges such as space constraints or wiring complexities. Consulting the detailed manual and seeking professional assistance can help mitigate these issues.

Operation and Performance

How ATS480C79Y Works

The ATS480C79Y automatically detects power failures and switches to a backup power source without manual intervention. This automatic transition is crucial for maintaining continuous power supply.

Performance Metrics

Performance is measured through parameters like switch speed, load capacity, and reliability. The ATS480C79Y excels in these areas, providing quick and efficient power transitions.

User Interface and Controls

The user-friendly interface includes a clear display and intuitive controls, making it easy to monitor and manage the ATS. Users can quickly understand system status and perform necessary adjustments.

Safety Features

Overload Protection

To prevent damage from power surges, the ATS480C79Y includes overload protection features. This ensures the device operates within safe limits.

Short-circuit Protection

Short-circuit protection is another critical feature, safeguarding the system from potential electrical faults that could cause damage.

Thermal Management

Effective thermal management prevents overheating, ensuring the ATS480C79Y operates smoothly even under heavy load conditions.

Applications of ATS480C79Y

Industrial Use Cases

In industrial settings, the ATS480C79Y ensures that critical machinery and systems remain operational during power outages, minimizing downtime and productivity loss.

Commercial Use Cases

For commercial buildings, maintaining power continuity is essential for customer service and operations. The ATS480C79Y provides this reliability.

Residential Use Cases

Even in residential setups, the ATS480C79Y ensures that essential home systems, like security and refrigeration, continue to function during power outages.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Routine Maintenance Tips

Regular inspections and maintenance can prolong the life of the ATS480C79Y. This includes checking connections, cleaning components, and verifying performance.

Common Issues and Fixes

Common issues may include connection problems or software glitches. Most can be resolved through simple troubleshooting steps outlined in the manual.

When to Seek Professional Help

If problems persist, it’s best to seek professional help. Technicians can diagnose and fix complex issues, ensuring the ATS operates correctly.

Advantages of Using ATS480C79Y

Reliability and Efficiency

The ATS480C79Y is known for its high reliability and efficiency, ensuring continuous power supply with minimal interruptions.


Investing in the ATS480C79Y can save costs in the long run by preventing downtime and damage to critical systems.

Versatility in Application

Its versatile design makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from industrial to residential, providing consistent performance across different settings.

Comparing ATS480C79Y with Other Models

ATS480C79Y vs. Other ATS Models

Compared to other ATS models, the ATS480C79Y offers enhanced features, better performance metrics, and improved durability.

Unique Selling Points of ATS480C79Y

Its unique selling points include robust design, user-friendly interface, and advanced safety features, setting it apart from other models.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

General Customer Feedback

Customers generally praise the ATS480C79Y for its reliability, ease of use, and robust performance.

Case Studies

Several case studies highlight how the ATS480C79Y has successfully maintained power continuity in critical applications, reinforcing its reliability.

Pricing and Availability

Cost Breakdown

The ATS480C79Y is competitively priced considering its advanced features and reliability. Detailed cost breakdowns are available from suppliers.

Where to Buy

The ATS480C79Y can be purchased through authorized Schneider Electric dealers and online platforms.

Warranty and Support

It comes with a comprehensive warranty, and Schneider Electric provides excellent customer support to address any issues.

Future Developments

Upcoming Features and Updates

Schneider Electric continues to innovate, with plans to introduce new features and updates that will further enhance the ATS480C79Y.

Industry Trends

The trend towards smarter and more efficient electrical systems suggests that the ATS480C79Y will remain relevant and in demand.


The Schneider ATS480C79Y is a top-tier automatic transfer switch, offering exceptional reliability, advanced safety features, and user-friendly operation. Whether for industrial, commercial, or residential use, this model stands out for its performance and durability. Investing in the ATS480C79Y ensures a seamless power supply, protecting critical systems from unexpected outages.

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