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Schneider ATV320D15N4B | Variable speed drive, ATV320, 15 kW, 380…500 V, 3 phases, book

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Schneider ATV320D15N4B | Variable speed drive, ATV320, 15 kW, 380…500 V, 3 phases, book

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Introduction to Schneider ATV320D15N4B

The Schneider ATV320D15N4B is a cutting-edge VSD designed to regulate the speed of electric motors, optimizing energy consumption and enhancing overall system performance. It caters to a wide range of industrial applications, offering precise control and flexibility.

Understanding Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)

VSDs play a crucial role in modern industrial setups by adjusting motor speed based on demand. This results in energy savings, reduced wear and tear on machinery, and improved productivity.

Features of ATV320D15N4B

Power Rating and Voltage

it boasts a power rating of 15 kW, making it suitable for medium to large-scale operations. With a voltage range of 380V to 500V and three-phase compatibility, it aligns well with diverse electrical setups.

Phase Configuration

Its three-phase configuration ensures stable and efficient power delivery, crucial for uninterrupted operations in industrial environments.

Book Description

The comprehensive book description provided with it includes detailed specifications, wiring diagrams, and installation guidelines, facilitating seamless integration into existing setups.

Benefits of Using Schneider ATV320D15N4B

  • Energy Efficiency: By matching motor speed with actual demand, energy wastage is minimized, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Precise Control: The VSD allows fine-tuning of motor speeds, enabling optimized performance across varying loads.
  • Reduced Maintenance: With smoother operations and reduced stress on equipment, maintenance intervals are extended, enhancing overall uptime.

Applications and Industries

The ATV320D15N4B finds application in various industries such as manufacturing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), water treatment, and more. Its versatility makes it a preferred choice for tasks ranging from conveyor belt control to pump regulation.

Installation and Setup Guide

A detailed installation and setup guide accompanies the ATV320D15N4B, ensuring that even non-experts can integrate and configure it correctly, minimizing downtime and setup errors.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. The ATV320D15N4B comes with maintenance guidelines and troubleshooting tips to address common issues swiftly, keeping operations smooth.

Comparison with Other VSDs

A comparative analysis with other VSDs in its category highlights the unique advantages and standout features of the ATV320D15N4B, aiding decision-making for potential buyers.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Real-world feedback from users adds credibility to it is performance claims. Positive reviews highlighting energy savings, reliability, and ease of use reinforce its value proposition.


In conclusion, it emerges as a versatile and efficient VSD, offering precise control, energy savings, and reliability across various industrial applications. Its user-friendly design, coupled with robust features, makes it a top choice for businesses aiming to optimize their operations.

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Communication port protocol

Analogue input number

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Method of access

Motor slip compensation

Switching frequency

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Network frequency

Discrete input type

discrete input logic

discrete output type

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Minimum switching current

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Transient overtorque

Maximum output frequency

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