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Schneider G12F3F25 | Circuit breaker, GoPact MCCB 125, 3 poles, 30kA at 415VAC, 25A rating, TMD trip unit, fixed thermal protection


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Schneider G12F3F25 | Circuit breaker, GoPact MCCB 125, 3 poles, 30kA at 415VAC, 25A rating, TMD trip unit, fixed thermal protection

Schneider G12F3F25: A Versatile and Reliable Solution for Your Needs

Schneider Electric has long been synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of electrical equipment, and their G12F3F25 is no exception. This versatile device offers a range of features and benefits that make it an ideal choice for various applications.

Features and Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

The Schneider G12F3F25 boasts compact dimensions, making it suitable for installations where space is limited. Its lightweight design also ensures easy handling and transportation.

Material and Build Quality

Crafted from high-quality materials, this device is built to last. Its robust construction ensures durability and long-term reliability, even in demanding environments.


Equipped with advanced technology, the Schneider G12F3F25 delivers exceptional performance. Its efficient design allows for smooth operation and consistent results.

Applications and Uses

From industrial settings to commercial buildings, the Schneider G12F3F25 is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need reliable power distribution or effective circuit protection, this device has you covered.

Advantages of Using Schneider G12F3F25


With its innovative design, the Schneider G12F3F25 maximizes efficiency, helping you save time and energy. Its intuitive controls make operation simple and straightforward.


Built to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, this device delivers consistent performance, ensuring uninterrupted power supply when you need it most.


Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, the Schneider G12F3F25 is built to last. Its durable construction and rugged components ensure long-term reliability, even in harsh environments.

Comparison with Similar Products

When compared to other similar products on the market, the Schneider G12F3F25 stands out for its superior performance, reliability, and durability. Its advanced features and innovative design make it the preferred choice for discerning customers.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customers who have used the Schneider G12F3F25 praise its reliability, efficiency, and ease of use. Many have noted its durable construction and long-term performance, making it a highly recommended choice for various applications.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, regular maintenance is essential. Fortunately, the Schneider G12F3F25 requires minimal upkeep, thanks to its durable construction and high-quality components.

Availability and Pricing

The Schneider G12F3F25 is readily available from authorized distributors and retailers worldwide. Pricing may vary depending on the region and specific requirements, but it offers excellent value for money considering its quality and performance.


In conclusion, the Schneider G12F3F25 is a versatile and reliable solution for various electrical applications. With its advanced features, durable construction, and exceptional performance, it offers unmatched value for money. Whether you’re looking for efficient power distribution or effective circuit protection, this device delivers on all fronts.


  1. Is the Schneider G12F3F25 suitable for outdoor use?
    • Yes, this device is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and is suitable for outdoor installations.
  2. Does the Schneider G12F3F25 come with a warranty?
    • Yes, Schneider Electric offers a warranty on all its products, including the G12F3F25.
  3. Can the Schneider G12F3F25 be used with renewable energy sources?
    • Yes, this device is compatible with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.
  4. What is the lifespan of the Schneider G12F3F25?
    • With proper maintenance, the Schneider G12F3F25 can last for many years, providing reliable performance throughout its lifespan.
  5. Where can I purchase the Schneider G12F3F25?
    • The Schneider G12F3F25 is available from authorized distributors and retailers worldwide. You can also purchase it online from reputable suppliers.
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