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Schneider LC1D12E7 Contactor | TeSys D contactor – 3P(3 NO) – AC-3 – <= 440 V 12 A – 48 V AC coil

Schneider Electric

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Schneider LC1D12E7 Contactor

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Schneider LC1D12E7 Contactor: Enhancing Electrical Systems

Introduction to Schneider LC1D12E7 Contactor

Contactors are essential components in electrical systems, facilitating the control of electric motors and other high-power loads. Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation, offers a wide range of contactors designed to meet various industrial, commercial, and residential needs. Among its lineup, the LC1D12E7 Contactor stands out for its exceptional performance and reliability.

Technical Specifications

boasts impressive technical specifications, including a voltage rating of up to 690V AC, a current rating of 12A AC-3 utilization category, and a coil voltage of 24V AC. With a compact design and weighing just a few pounds, this contactor fits seamlessly into diverse electrical setups.


Equipped with an AC-3 utilization category, the LC1D12E7 Contactor ensures reliable operation in demanding applications. Its coil insulation system enhances safety, while the screw-type terminals facilitate easy and secure connections. With an operating temperature range spanning from -25°C to +55°C, this contactor adapts to varying environmental conditions.


The versatility of the LC1D12E7 Contactor makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial machinery, HVAC systems, elevators, and lighting control in commercial buildings. Additionally, it finds utility in residential setups for controlling appliances and other electrical loads.


Users benefit from the efficiency, reliability, and safety features offered by the LC1D12E7 Contactor. Its compact design saves space, while its robust construction ensures long-term performance. Furthermore, it provides cost-effectiveness by reducing energy consumption and minimizing downtime.

Installation and Wiring

Before installing the LC1D12E7 Contactor, it’s essential to adhere to safety precautions and ensure proper wiring. A detailed wiring diagram provided by Schneider Electric simplifies the installation process, which involves connecting the control circuit and power circuit according to specified guidelines.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Regular maintenance of the LC1D12E7 Contactor ensures optimal performance and extends its lifespan. Periodic inspections and cleaning of contact surfaces help prevent issues such as arcing and overheating. In case of malfunctions, troubleshooting steps outlined in the user manual aid in identifying and rectifying problems.

Comparison with Alternatives

Compared to other Schneider contactors, the LC1D12E7 offers similar performance characteristics but may vary in terms of voltage and current ratings. When compared to contactors from other brands, its reliability, durability, and compatibility with Schneider control systems set it apart as a preferred choice for many users.

Customer Reviews

Positive reviews highlight the LC1D12E7 Contactor’s ease of installation, reliable operation, and excellent build quality. However, some users have reported issues such as coil failure or contact welding, indicating the importance of proper maintenance and adherence to operating conditions.

Price and Availability

The price varies depending on factors such as quantity, location, and distributor. It is readily available through Schneider Electric’s authorized distributors and online platforms, ensuring easy accessibility for customers worldwide.

Weight 0.325 kg

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Device short name

contactor application

Utilisation category

Poles description

[Ie] rated operational current

Motor power kW

Motor power hp

Compatibility code

Pole contact composition

Contact compatibility

Protective cover

Irms rated making capacity

Rated breaking capacity

Associated fuse rating

Average impedance

Power dissipation per pole

[Ui] rated insulation voltage

Overvoltage category

Pollution degree

Safety reliability level

Mechanical durability

15 Mcycles

Control circuit type

Coil technology

Inrush power in VA

Heat dissipation

Operating time

Maximum operating rate

Tightening torque

Auxiliary contact composition

Auxiliary contacts type

Signalling circuit frequency

minimum switching voltage

Minimum switching current

Insulation resistance

Non-overlap time

Product certifications

Climatic withstand

Operating altitude

Fire resistance

Flame retardance




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Mercury free

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Environmental Disclosure

Circularity Profile

REACh free of SVHC

Toxic heavy metal free


PVC free


Main Document

Data Sheet : LC1D12E7 

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