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Schneider LRD02 | TeSys LRD thermal overload relays – 0.16…0.25 A – class 10A

Schneider Electric

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Schneider LRD02 | TeSys LRD thermal overload relays – 0.16…0.25 A – class 10A

Schneider LRD02: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Industrial Applications

Schneider LRD02 is a vital component in industrial settings, offering advanced protection for electrical motors against overload conditions. This article will delve into the features, applications, working mechanism, benefits, installation, maintenance, comparison with alternatives, and customer reviews of the Schneider LRD02.

Introduction to Schneider LRD02

Schneider LRD02 is a motor overload relay designed to safeguard electrical motors from excessive current flow. It is manufactured by Schneider Electric, a renowned global provider of energy and automation solutions.

Features of Schneider LRD02

Overload Protection

One of the primary features of Schneider LRD02 is its ability to detect overload conditions in electrical motors. It continuously monitors the current passing through the motor and triggers a protective action if it exceeds the preset threshold.

Compact Design

Despite its robust functionality, Schneider LRD02 boasts a compact and space-saving design. This makes it suitable for installations where space is limited.

Thermal Protection

In addition to overload protection, Schneider LRD02 also offers thermal protection. It detects overheating in motors and prevents damage by interrupting the power supply.

Easy Installation

Schneider LRD02 is designed for hassle-free installation, with clear instructions provided in the user manual. It can be easily integrated into existing motor control systems.

Applications of Schneider LRD02

Schneider LRD02 finds wide-ranging applications in various industries, including:

  • Industrial Machinery: It is commonly used in manufacturing facilities to protect motors powering conveyor belts, pumps, and other machinery.
  • HVAC Systems: Schneider LRD02 ensures the smooth operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems by preventing motor overheating.
  • Electrical Panels: It is installed in electrical panels to provide comprehensive protection for motors across different applications.

How Schneider LRD02 Works

Schneider LRD02 operates by sensing the current passing through the motor and comparing it to the preset threshold. When an overload condition is detected, it activates the protective mechanism, which can include shutting off power to the motor.

Benefits of Using Schneider LRD02

Prevents Motor Damage

By promptly detecting and responding to overload conditions, Schneider LRD02 helps prevent costly damage to electrical motors, extending their lifespan.

Enhances Safety

The use of Schneider LRD02 enhances safety in industrial environments by reducing the risk of motor-related accidents and fires caused by overload conditions.

Reduces Downtime

With its reliable protection mechanism, Schneider LRD02 minimizes downtime associated with motor failures, thereby improving overall productivity and efficiency.

Installation and Maintenance of Schneider LRD02

Installation Guidelines

Schneider LRD02 should be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring proper wiring and connection to the motor control system.

Maintenance Tips

Regular inspection and maintenance of Schneider LRD02 are essential to ensure its continued reliability. This includes checking for loose connections, cleaning, and testing functionality.

Comparing Schneider LRD02 with Alternatives

When compared to alternative motor overload relays, Schneider LRD02 stands out for its:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Despite its advanced features, Schneider LRD02 offers excellent value for money.
  • Performance: It delivers reliable and precise protection against overload conditions, surpassing many competing products in terms of performance and durability.

Customer Reviews of Schneider LRD02

Positive Feedback

Customers praise Schneider LRD02 for its robust construction, reliable performance, and ease of installation. Many users have reported significant reductions in motor-related downtime since implementing Schneider LRD02.

Common Concerns

Some users have raised concerns about the complexity of the initial setup process and the need for occasional recalibration. However, these issues are minor compared to the overall benefits provided by Schneider LRD02.


Schneider LRD02 is an indispensable component for ensuring the safety and efficiency of electrical motors in industrial applications. With its advanced features, ease of installation, and proven reliability, it is the preferred choice for professionals seeking comprehensive motor protection.


  1. Is Schneider LRD02 compatible with all types of electrical motors?
    • Schneider LRD02 is compatible with most standard electrical motors used in industrial applications. However, it is advisable to check the specifications and consult with a qualified technician for specific compatibility concerns.
  2. Can Schneider LRD02 be used in outdoor environments?
    • While Schneider LRD02 is designed for indoor use, it can be installed in outdoor enclosures or control panels with appropriate protection against environmental factors such as moisture and extreme temperatures.
  3. What is the warranty period for Schneider LRD02?
    • Schneider Electric offers a standard warranty period for Schneider LRD02, typically ranging from one to three years depending on the region and distributor. Extended warranty options may also be available.
  4. How often should Schneider LRD02 be inspected and maintained?
    • It is recommended to inspect and maintain Schneider LRD02 at least once a year or as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Regular maintenance helps ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  5. Can Schneider LRD02 be integrated with remote monitoring systems?
    • Yes, Schneider LRD02 can be integrated with remote monitoring and control systems, allowing for real-time monitoring of motor status and performance from a centralized location.



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