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Schneider LRE16 | Thermal overload relay,EasyPact TVS,9…13A,class 10A


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Schneider LRE16 | Thermal overload relay,EasyPact TVS,9…13A,class 10A

Schneider LRE16 Description


What makes a great temperature controller? In the world of industrial automation, precision and reliability are paramount. This is where the Schneider LRE16 steps in. Designed to offer unmatched performance in temperature regulation, the LRE16 is a top choice for professionals across various industries. But what exactly is the Schneider LRE16, and why is it so important?

Overview of Schneider Electric

To understand the value of the LRE16, we first need to look at its creator, Schneider Electric. Founded in 1836, Schneider Electric has grown into a global leader in energy management and automation solutions. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability has positioned them at the forefront of the industry. With a focus on developing smart, efficient, and reliable products, Schneider Electric plays a critical role in driving industrial automation forward.

Understanding Temperature Controllers

Before diving into the specifics of the LRE16, let’s cover the basics. Temperature controllers are devices used to maintain desired temperatures in various applications. They work by receiving input from temperature sensors, comparing it to a set point, and providing output to control elements such as heaters or coolers to achieve the desired temperature.

Applications of Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers are ubiquitous in both industrial and commercial settings. They are essential in processes ranging from manufacturing and food processing to HVAC systems and laboratory equipment.

Introduction to the LRE16

So, what sets the LRE16 apart? The LRE16 is a highly versatile temperature controller designed to meet the demanding needs of modern industrial environments. Its compact design, combined with powerful features, makes it a favorite among engineers and technicians.

Key Features of the LRE16

  • High Precision: Offers precise temperature control with minimal deviation.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-read display and intuitive controls.
  • Robust Design: Built to withstand harsh industrial conditions.
  • Versatile Inputs and Outputs: Supports a wide range of sensors and control outputs.

Technical Specifications

Let’s delve into the technicalities. Understanding the specifications can help in determining if the LRE16 is suitable for your specific needs.

Input Specifications

The LRE16 supports a variety of input types, including thermocouples and RTDs, making it highly adaptable.

Output Specifications

With multiple output options such as relay, voltage, and current outputs, the LRE16 can effectively control different types of actuators.

Power Supply Requirements

The LRE16 operates on a standard power supply, ensuring it can be easily integrated into existing systems without the need for special power arrangements.

Design and Build

The design of the LRE16 emphasizes both functionality and durability.

Physical Dimensions

Compact and lightweight, the LRE16 can be easily mounted in control panels or machinery.

User Interface and Display

Featuring a bright, easy-to-read display and intuitive navigation buttons, the LRE16 simplifies operation and monitoring.

Installation and Setup

Getting the LRE16 up and running is straightforward.

Mounting Instructions

The LRE16 can be mounted using standard brackets and fittings, ensuring it stays securely in place.

Wiring Diagrams

Detailed wiring diagrams are provided to assist in the correct connection of sensors and control elements.

Programming the LRE16

One of the standout features of the LRE16 is its programmable interface.

Basic Programming Steps

Initial setup involves selecting the type of input sensor and setting the desired temperature range.

Advanced Configuration Options

For more complex applications, the LRE16 offers advanced programming options such as PID control tuning and alarm settings.

Applications and Use Cases

The versatility of the LRE16 makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Industrial Applications

From chemical processing to metal fabrication, the LRE16 ensures precise temperature control crucial for maintaining product quality.

Commercial Applications

In commercial settings like HVAC systems and commercial kitchens, the LRE16 helps maintain optimal temperature conditions efficiently.

Advantages of Using LRE16

What makes the LRE16 a preferred choice?

Precision and Accuracy

The LRE16’s advanced control algorithms provide precise temperature regulation, crucial for sensitive processes.

Durability and Reliability

Built to last, the LRE16 offers reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Comparisons with Other Models

How does the LRE16 stack up against other temperature controllers?

Schneider LRE16 vs. Competitors

Compared to other brands, the LRE16 offers superior precision and a more user-friendly interface.

Schneider LRE16 vs. Other Schneider Models

Within Schneider’s own lineup, the LRE16 stands out for its balance of advanced features and cost-effectiveness.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Keeping the LRE16 in top condition is essential for continuous operation.

Common Issues and Solutions

Issues like sensor faults or control errors can be quickly diagnosed and resolved with the LRE16’s built-in diagnostics.

Maintenance Tips

Regular calibration and periodic checks ensure the LRE16 continues to operate at peak performance.

User Reviews and Feedback

What do users think about the LRE16?

Testimonials from Industry Professionals

Professionals across various industries praise the LRE16 for its reliability and ease of use.

User Ratings and Experiences

Overall, user reviews highlight the LRE16’s consistent performance and robust design.

Where to Buy the LRE16

Ready to invest in the LRE16?

Authorized Distributors

Schneider Electric’s network of authorized distributors ensures you receive genuine products and support.

Online Retailers

The LRE16 is also available through reputable online retailers, offering convenience and competitive pricing.


The Schneider LRE16 is more than just a temperature controller; it’s a reliable partner in industrial automation. With its precision, durability, and user-friendly design, it addresses the critical needs of temperature regulation across various applications. Whether you’re in manufacturing, food processing, or HVAC, the LRE16 delivers consistent performance and peace of mind.


What is the lifespan of the LRE16? The LRE16 is designed for long-term use, typically offering a lifespan of several years with proper maintenance.

Can the LRE16 be used in residential settings? While primarily designed for industrial and commercial applications, the LRE16 can be used in residential settings if advanced temperature control is required.

How does the LRE16 handle power surges? The LRE16 is equipped with protection features to handle power surges, ensuring stable operation and safeguarding connected devices.

Is the LRE16 compatible with other Schneider products? Yes, the LRE16 is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Schneider Electric products, enhancing overall system functionality.

What kind of warranty does the LRE16 come with? The LRE16 typically comes with a standard warranty from Schneider Electric, covering manufacturing defects and providing support for any issues that arise.

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