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Schneider LV426169 Compact | circuit breaker Compact NSXm 160A 4P 16kA at 380/415V(IEC) compression lug

Schneider Electric

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Schneider LV426169 Compact

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Schneider LV426169 Compact

it breaker stands as a cornerstone in modern electrical systems, offering robust protection against overloads and short circuits. This comprehensive guide explores its features, installation procedures, maintenance tips, troubleshooting advice, and future innovations.

Understanding the Importance of Circuit Protection in Electrical Systems

Circuit protection is paramount in electrical systems to safeguard equipment and personnel from potential hazards such as electrical fires and equipment damage. Circuit breakers like the Schneider LV426169 Compact play a pivotal role in ensuring safe and reliable electrical operation.

Overview of Schneider LV426169 Compact

it is a high-performance molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) designed to provide reliable protection in industrial and commercial applications. With its advanced features and compact design, it offers an ideal solution for ensuring electrical safety and efficiency.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Rated Current: 100A
  • Voltage Rating: 690V AC
  • Breaking Capacity: 50 kA at 415V AC
  • Number of Poles: 3
  • Trip Unit Technology: Advanced electronic trip units for precise protection
  • Compact Design: Space-saving form factor
  • Standards Compliance: IEC 60947-2

Importance of Schneider LV426169 Compact in Industrial and Commercial Settings

The Schneider LV426169 Compact plays a crucial role in industrial and commercial settings by providing reliable protection against electrical faults. Its advanced trip unit technology and high breaking capacity ensure quick and accurate response to overloads and short circuits, minimizing downtime and maximizing safety.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

By incorporating the Schneider LV426169 Compact into electrical systems, users can enhance safety and efficiency. The breaker’s ability to quickly interrupt current flow in the event of a fault prevents damage to equipment and reduces the risk of electrical accidents, ensuring uninterrupted operation and maintaining productivity.

Installation and Setup Guide for Schneider LV426169 Compact

Proper installation is essential to ensure the Schneider LV426169 Compact operates effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Preparation: Disconnect all power sources before installation.
  2. Mounting: Secure the breaker in a suitable enclosure, ensuring proper alignment.
  3. Wiring: Connect input and output terminals following the wiring diagram provided in the user manual.
  4. Configuration: Set trip unit parameters according to specific requirements.
  5. Testing: Conduct tests to verify correct installation and operation.

Maintenance Best Practices for Schneider LV426169 Compact

Regular maintenance is key to maximizing the performance and longevity of the Schneider LV426169 Compact. Follow these best practices:

  • Routine Inspections: Regularly inspect the breaker for signs of wear or damage.
  • Cleaning: Keep the breaker clean and free from dust and debris.
  • Functional Testing: Perform regular tests to ensure the trip unit and mechanical components are functioning correctly.
  • Professional Servicing: Schedule routine maintenance by qualified professionals to address any potential issues.

Maximizing Performance and Longevity

Adhering to a regular maintenance schedule ensures the Schneider LV426169 Compact remains in optimal condition, providing reliable protection against electrical faults. Promptly addressing any issues that arise helps prevent minor problems from escalating into major failures, minimizing downtime and ensuring safety.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Schneider LV426169 Compact

Even the most reliable circuit breakers may encounter issues. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

  • Tripping: Check for overloads or short circuits and adjust trip unit settings if necessary.
  • Failure to Trip: Verify proper installation and configuration of the trip unit.
  • Mechanical Issues: Inspect for loose connections or mechanical obstructions.

Solutions for Swift Resolutions

For minor issues, refer to the user manual for detailed troubleshooting steps. If problems persist, consult Schneider’s technical support or a qualified electrician for assistance to ensure continued protection and safety.

Innovations and Future Trends of Schneider LV426169 Compact

The Schneider LV426169 Compact is at the forefront of circuit protection technology. Future innovations may include enhanced connectivity, integration with smart grid technologies, and advanced analytics for improved performance and safety.

Embracing Technological Advancements for Enhanced Circuit Protection

As technology continues to evolve, the Schneider LV426169 Compact will incorporate new advancements to ensure it remains a top choice for reliable and efficient circuit protection in various applications.


The Schneider LV426169 Compact circuit breaker is an essential component for ensuring electrical safety and efficiency in industrial and commercial settings. By understanding its features, installation process, maintenance requirements, and troubleshooting techniques, users can leverage its benefits to achieve optimal electrical protection.

Range ComPact
Product name ComPact NSXm
Range of product ComPact NSXm
Device short name NSXm 160E
Product or component type Circuit breaker
Device application Protection
Number of poles 4P
Protected poles description 3D
Neutral position Left
[In] rated current 160 A at 40 °C
[Ue] rated operational voltage 690 V AC 50/60 Hz
Network type AC
Network frequency 50/60 Hz
Suitability for isolation Yes conforming to EN/IEC 60947-2
utilisation category Category A
[Icu] rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity 25 kA Icu at 220…240 V AC 50/60 Hz conforming to IEC 60947-2
16 kA Icu at 380…415 V AC 50/60 Hz conforming to IEC 60947-2
10 kA Icu at 440 V AC 50/60 Hz conforming to IEC 60947-2
Performance level E 16 kA 415 V AC
Trip unit name TM-D
Trip unit technology Thermal-magnetic
Trip unit protection functions LI
control type Toggle
Circuit breaker mounting mode By screws
[Ui] rated insulation voltage 800 V AC 50/60 Hz
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage 8 kV
[Ics] rated service short-circuit breaking capacity 25 kA at 220…240 V AC 50/60 Hz conforming to IEC 60947-2
16 kA at 380…415 V AC 50/60 Hz conforming to IEC 60947-2
10 kA at 440 V AC 50/60 Hz conforming to IEC 60947-2
Mechanical durability 20000 cycles
Electrical durability 10000 cycles at 440 V In
20000 cycles at 440 V In/2
5000 cycles at 690 V In
10000 cycles at 690 V In/2
mounting support Plate
DIN rail
Connection terminals Compression lug/busbar
Connection pitch 35 mm with spreaders
27 mm without spreaders
9 mm pitches 12 module
Protection type L : for overload protection (thermal)
I : for short-circuit protection (magnetic)
Trip unit rating 160 A at 40 °C
Long-time pick-up adjustment type Ir (thermal protection) Adjustable
[Ir] long-time protection pick-up adjustment range 0.7…1 x In
Long-time protection delay adjustment type tr Fixed
[Im] magnetic protection pick-up range 1250 A
earth-leakage protection Without
Number of slots for electrical auxiliaries 1 slot(s) for auxiliary switch OF
1 slot(s) for alarm switch SD
1 slot(s) for voltage release MN or MX
Width (W) 108 mm
Height (H) 137 mm
Depth (D) 80 mm
Net weight 1.42 kg
Colour Grey (RAL 7016)
Standards EN/IEC 60947
product certifications CCC
Pollution degree 3 conforming to IEC 60664-1
IP degree of protection IP40 conforming to IEC 60529
IK degree of protection IK07 conforming to IEC 62262
ambient air temperature for operation -25…70 °C
Ambient air temperature for storage -50…85 °C
Relative humidity 0…95 %
Operating altitude 0…2000 m without derating
2000…5000 m with derating
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Height 12.5 cm
Package 1 Width 11.7 cm
Package 1 Length 22.0 cm
Package 1 Weight 1.505 kg
Unit Type of Package 2 S03
Number of Units in Package 2 6
Package 2 Height 30 cm
Package 2 Width 30 cm
Package 2 Length 40 cm
Package 2 Weight 10.19 kg
Contractual warranty
Warranty 12 months

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