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Schneider RE48ACV12MW | Asymmetrical flashing relay – 0.02 s..300 h – 24..240 V AC – 2 OC


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Schneider RE48ACV12MW | Asymmetrical flashing relay – 0.02 s..300 h – 24..240 V AC – 2 OC



In the realm of electrical engineering and automation, the Schneider RE48ACV12MW stands out as a crucial component, known as an asymmetrical flashing relay. This article delves into its features, specifications, applications, and more.


The RE48ACV12MW is designed as an asymmetrical flashing relay, offering precise control over timing intervals ranging from 0.02 seconds to 300 hours. It operates within a wide voltage range of 24 to 240 volts AC, making it versatile for various industrial setups.


This relay’s key specifications include its timing range and voltage compatibility. The ability to adjust timing intervals from microseconds to hours makes it suitable for diverse automation tasks. Its compatibility with a broad voltage range ensures seamless integration into different electrical systems.


Primarily used in industrial settings, the RE48ACV12MW finds applications in automated machinery, process control systems, and safety circuits. Its reliable performance and precise timing make it indispensable for ensuring operational efficiency and safety in industrial environments.


Installing the RE48ACV12MW requires adherence to specific wiring diagrams provided by Schneider Electric. Proper installation ensures optimal functionality and prevents potential issues during operation.


To maintain optimal performance, regular checks and maintenance are recommended. This includes inspecting wiring connections, ensuring proper voltage supply, and replacing worn-out components as needed.


One of the main advantages of the RE48ACV12MW is its reliable operation under varying conditions. It offers precise timing control, which is crucial for synchronization in complex industrial processes, contributing to overall efficiency and safety.


While versatile and reliable, the relay does have limitations, such as compatibility constraints with certain voltage ranges or specific control systems. Understanding these limitations is important for accurate system design and operation.

Case Study

A real-world example showcasing the effectiveness of the RE48ACV12MW involves its integration into a manufacturing line’s safety circuit. By controlling flashing sequences with precision, it enhances safety protocols and minimizes downtime due to equipment malfunctions.

Future Trends

As technology advances, future iterations of asymmetrical flashing relays like the RE48ACV12MW may incorporate enhanced connectivity features, improved energy efficiency, and expanded compatibility with emerging automation standards.


In conclusion, the Schneider RE48ACV12MW asymmetrical flashing relay offers a blend of precision, reliability, and versatility crucial for modern industrial automation. Its wide range of applications and compatibility make it a valuable asset in optimizing operational processes.


  1. What is an asymmetrical flashing relay? An asymmetrical flashing relay is a component that controls timing intervals in electrical systems, crucial for automation and synchronization.
  2. What voltage range does the RE48ACV12MW support? The RE48ACV12MW operates within a voltage range of 24 to 240 volts AC.
  3. Where is the RE48ACV12MW commonly used? It is commonly used in industrial settings for automated machinery, safety circuits, and process control systems.
  4. How precise are the timing intervals of the RE48ACV12MW? The relay offers timing intervals ranging from 0.02 seconds to 300 hours, providing precise control over operations.
  5. Are there any maintenance tips for the RE48ACV12MW? Regular maintenance includes checking wiring connections, voltage supply, and replacing worn components as needed.
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