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Schneider RE48ATM12MW | On-delay timing relay – 0.02 s..300 h – 24..240 V AC – 2 OC


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Schneider RE48ATM12MW | On-delay timing relay – 0.02 s..300 h – 24..240 V AC – 2 OC

Introduction to Schneider RE48ATM12MW On-delay Timing Relay

On-delay timing relays, also known as delay-on energize relays, are fundamental components in control circuits. They introduce a delay between the application of input power and the activation of output contacts, facilitating intricate timing operations.

Features of Schneider RE48ATM12MW

This relay boasts a wide timing range from 0.02 seconds to 300 hours, making it versatile for diverse time-dependent applications. It operates within a voltage range of 24 to 240 volts AC, ensuring compatibility with common power systems. With 2 output contacts (2 OC), it offers flexibility in connecting to external devices.

Applications of On-delay Timing Relays

The Schneider RE48ATM12MW finds applications across industrial automation sectors, where precise timing is critical for coordinated operations. It is extensively used in control systems, motor control panels, and timing sequences requiring delayed activation.

How Schneider RE48ATM12MW Works

Upon receiving input power, this relay initiates a time delay before engaging its output contacts. This delay mechanism is crucial for synchronizing processes or preventing simultaneous activations, contributing to operational efficiency and safety.

Benefits of Using Schneider RE48ATM12MW

  • Precision Timing: Ensures accurate time delays for optimal system performance.
  • Enhanced Control: Facilitates sequential operations, reducing manual intervention and errors.

Comparison with Other Timing Relays

Compared to conventional timing relays, the Schneider RE48ATM12MW stands out with its extended timing range, robust design, and reliable performance. Its dual output contacts provide redundancy and versatility in control applications.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Proper installation of the Schneider RE48ATM12MW involves following manufacturer guidelines for wiring and parameter settings. Routine maintenance includes periodic checks for functionality, ensuring consistent and reliable operation over time.


In conclusion, the Schneider RE48ATM12MW on-delay timing relay represents a sophisticated solution for time-sensitive applications in electrical engineering and automation. Its advanced features, precise timing capabilities, and compatibility make it a preferred choice for control systems across various industries.

Unique FAQs

  1. Q: Can the timing range of the Schneider RE48ATM12MW be adjusted?
    • A: Yes, the timing range can be adjusted based on specific application requirements.
  2. Q: Is the installation of this timing relay complex?
    • A: Installation is straightforward, but it’s recommended to follow the provided guidelines for accurate setup.
  3. Q: What are the typical voltage ratings for this relay?
    • A: The Schneider RE48ATM12MW operates within a voltage range of 24 to 240 volts AC.
  4. Q: How does the delay mechanism work in this timing relay?
    • A: The relay introduces a delay between input power application and output contact activation, ensuring controlled timing sequences.
  5. Q: Can this relay be used in conjunction with other control devices?
    • A: Yes, it can be integrated into complex control systems alongside other devices for comprehensive automation solutions.
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