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Schneider RE8TA21BU | Optimum industrial timing relay, Zelio Time, 3…300 s, type A, 24 V AC/DC, 110…240 V AC, 1 C/O


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Schneider RE8TA21BU | Optimum industrial timing relay, Zelio Time, 3…300 s, type A, 24 V AC/DC, 110…240 V AC, 1 C/O


In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, precision timing plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless operations. One standout solution in this domain is the Schneider RE8TA21BU Optimum Industrial Timing Relay from the Zelio Time series. Let’s delve into its features, applications, installation process, configuration options, advantages, and troubleshooting tips.

Understanding Schneider RE8TA21BU

The Schneider RE8TA21BU is an advanced industrial timing relay designed for precise time control applications. It operates within a timing range of 3 to 300 seconds, making it ideal for various industrial processes requiring accurate timing functions.

Features of RE8TA21BU

This timing relay boasts several features that enhance its usability and performance. It supports type A timing functions and is compatible with both 24V AC/DC and 110-240V AC power supplies. Its 1 C/O (1 changeover) contact configuration provides versatility in switching applications.


The RE8TA21BU finds applications across diverse industrial sectors such as manufacturing, automation, and control systems. It is commonly used in time-sensitive processes where precise timing is critical for optimal performance.


Installing the RE8TA21BU is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design and clear instructions provided in the manual. Proper installation ensures optimal functionality and longevity of the relay.


Configuring the RE8TA21BU is intuitive, allowing users to set precise time intervals as per their application requirements. The device offers flexibility and accuracy in timing control, contributing to efficient operations.


One of the key advantages of the RE8TA21BU is its reliability and accuracy in timekeeping, which minimizes errors and enhances productivity. Its robust build quality and compatibility with various power inputs make it a preferred choice for industrial applications.


In case of any operational issues or malfunctions, refer to the troubleshooting guide provided by Schneider. Common issues such as relay not switching or inaccurate timing can often be resolved through simple troubleshooting steps.


The Schneider RE8TA21BU Optimum Industrial Timing Relay stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for precise time control in industrial settings. Its advanced features, easy installation, and versatile applications make it a valuable asset for optimizing industrial processes.


  1. Is the RE8TA21BU suitable for outdoor use? The RE8TA21BU is designed for indoor use unless specified otherwise by Schneider.
  2. Can I use this relay for controlling motor operations? Yes, the RE8TA21BU can be used for controlling various equipment, including motors, within its rated specifications.
  3. What is the warranty period for this timing relay? The warranty period typically depends on the manufacturer’s policies and may vary based on region. Refer to Schneider’s official warranty terms for accurate information.
  4. Does the relay support DIN rail mounting? Yes, the RE8TA21BU is compatible with DIN rail mounting, offering convenience in installation.
  5. Are there programming options available for custom timing functions? Yes, the relay provides programming options for custom timing functions, allowing users to tailor it to specific application needs.
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